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In a large sense, the rigging comprises all elements which contribute to the propulsion of a boat, the standing rigging, the running rigging and the sails.

The standing rigging is made up of all the fixed parts of the rigging (mast, spreaders, forestay, shrouds, backstay, etc.).

The running rigging is made up of all the mobile parts of the rigging, namely halyards, jeers, lifts, etc.

The whole rigging must meet three requirements: it should offer the less possible wind resistance, be as light as possible, have the best behavior (stiffness, elongation) and finally guarantee the most important solidity.

In a constant quest for performance, the SMN technicians are always attentive to changes and are at the forefront of technological developments. They will be able to give you advice and to answer your questions in order to make your sailboat even more competitive and sure.

What kind of shrouds should you choose for your standing rigging? Shrouds made of classic cables or Dyform, or rod? Shrouds made of composite material, Kevlar or multistranded carbon (ECsix) or even textile Dyneema?

As far as the running rigging and the choice of ropes (halyards, lifts, braces, etc.) is concerned, fracture strength, U.V., abrasion and saltwater resistance, as well as its elongation and density will be evaluated before installation on your sailboat.

Concerning all the rigging components, the SMN  places their confidence in manufacturers who have built their reputation and know-how in extreme conditions of competition and in off-shore races, such as « Cousin Trestec », « Future Fibres », « Facnor », « Selden », « Lorima », « Marlow »,« Liros», « Gleistein », « BSI », « Sparcraft », « Harken », « Profurl », for example.

For your sailboat, insurance companies recommend to change the standing rigging partially or completely every 10 years.  Please pay attention to the fact that without any maintenance bills which are less than 10 years old, insurance companies may usually refuse reimbursements of claims due to irregularities in maintenance!  

For further peace of mind, please think about having meticulously inspected your rigging at least once a year at the beginning of the season by an SMN technician.

As far as the rigging is concerned, anticipation is more than ever the rule.