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Mooring Maintenance

Boat maintenance at Port Grimaud, in the gulf of Saint Tropez,Sainte Maxime,
Marine of Cogolin,Saint Tropez.

Let us take care of the maintenance and the up-keep of your boat and sail in calm.
In your absence, the SMN boatyard in Port Grimaud  keeps watching  on your Boat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Several formulas for the maintenance of your boat:

Every week:
- Checking the vessels moorings of the boat
- Checking the waterways and drying the bottoms if necessary

Every Two Weeks:
- Checking engine levels
- Checking the batteries
- Starting the engine(s) and checking that they are in good working order

Monthly :
- Complete verification with:
- Instruments start-up
- Pump start
- Verification of toilet operation etc

Any abnormality will be reported to you immediately.

Customizable maintenance and Keep-up
- Refueling (Full of water and fuel)
- Housekeeping
- Supplies
- Laundry