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The polyester and carbon are materials that deteriorate over time, in contact with sea water and UV . Over the years, hulls, bridges and carbon masts have become tarnished and altered a  good polishing makes it possible to delay the aging of the materials but, it effects are of short duration .
Only their painting is an effective and lasting alternative . In this field , the SMN boatyard in Port Grimaud has acquired a great deal of experience, and applies renowned paintings , such as AWLGRIP, STOPPANI, INTERNATIONAL. A great choice of colors if offered.

The mastery of a process:
A thorough preparation of the boat is essential. After protecting the boat, the supports are sanded or strip down, depending on their condition.
The application of a primer is often necessary, to allow the good holding of the paint. Then, in several passages, polyester or epoxy coating is applied depending of the nature of the material to be treated.
Long hours of sanding are necessary to find the original dishes and curves. Then comes the painting in strictly speaking.
An undercoat is applied first, before applying several layers of paints or varnishes , which will bring shine and depth to the shell.

The Lettering offers:
To perfect the finishing, the SMN boatyard in Port Grimaud , offers you a wide choice of materials and fonts for your lettering, presented, most often, in the form of an adhesive plastic film. The SMN boatyard can also produce customized lettering, polished or brushed stainless steel, or plexiglass, with integrated LEDS to shine at night.